Good Friday?


It’s getting close to Good Friday.  Good Friday will be on April 10th.

I’ve never liked or understood why we call the day that Jesus was crucified ‘Good Friday’?  At the same time I don’t want to call it ‘Bad Friday’ because something very Good was in the making as a result of something very cruel.  From my perspective a person like Jesus should have never been mistreated, abused or treated like a criminal.

In what world does a person who does nothing but good, heals the wounded and crippled, delivers the demonic and downcast and raises the dead get treated like a criminal?  The answer is…in the world where religious and righteous people can void out God on God’s behalf.

In what world does JESUS, get mistreated, mishandled and misunderstood?

In a world where godly people listen to themselves more than they listen to God.

In a world where godly men know more than God himself.

In a world that’s afraid to live by faith and see with their heart who God IS and what God thinks.

In a world that’s spiritually lost, living without heavenly light, divine love and holy laughter.

In a world that measures success by political power, social position and material possessions.

In a world where my thoughts, my ways and my desires have more value than God’s thoughts, God’s ways and God’s desires.

In a world that has decided, determined and declared God doesn’t exist.

In what world did JESUS enter where he was abused, accused and addressed as evil?

In a world where God will go to any length to redeem, rescue and restore all he loves and He loves ALL.

In a world where God will sacrifice His LOVE, for His Love to reign supreme.

In a world where God will destroy the power of death, disease, decay, disobedience and the demonic through the Perfect Person, Plan and Peace of the Lamb of God.

In a world where God believes there are people who will receive divine revelation and divinely reveal what they receive.

In a world where God’s goal was to shed His blood as the covering for my sin and my sinful spirit.

Jesus on the Cross

So in conclusion it was a Good Friday when Jesus fulfilled the Father’s explosive love on planet earth.  Good Friday is the day God’s love, God’s sacrifice and God’s Son changed the world. The world will never be the same as a result of what Jesus, the Son of the living God accomplished on that Good Friday.



Dancing with Jesus

Dance Hands

Dancing with Jesus could be a waltz.

Dancing with Jesus could be a square dance.

Dancing with Jesus could be a ballet.

Dancing with Jesus could be a disco.

Dancing with Jesus could be a jitter bug.

Regardless of what dance it is, Jesus I want to dance with You in any way that You want to.

My desire is to DANCE with Jesus like two people who are in touch with the others moves and all goes smooooth.

Jesus help me to follow Your lead.

Jesus help me to learn Your moves and what music you like to listen to.

Jesus teach me to follow You by

learning Your thoughts,

hearing Your ideas and

taking Your suggestions and promptings


More than Dance

Life should be lived on the ‘dance floor’ of daily moving with Jesus.  If I write a book I might title it; “Life: On the Dance Floor with Jesus”.  My chapters could be: Dance, Sing, Laugh, Eat, Play, Work, Think, Share, Trust and Sacrifice with Jesus, that’s LIFE!



brett-jordan-Yd4lXGfsXEk-unsplash (1)

We have all developed friendships that we cherish.  If our memories were more accurate we could pinpoint the exact time our friendships began.  Friendships can last an entire lifetime or they can be short lived.  As Christians, we have a friendship with Jesus that will last for all eternity.  John writes in his gospel, John 15:15 “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business.  Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you”.  

We would all agree that Jesus knew what was in his future because the Father revealed it to Him.  Jesus is sharing with us that we can develop a relationship with Him that will be like the one He had with His Father.


You should be smiling right now for two reasons.  One, Jesus wants to be friends with you and two Jesus wants to reveal His “business” to you.  Let me paraphrase, Jesus wants to reveal to you personal plans, priorities, and purposes for your life.

 He wants to reveal His heart to you, about you.  He wants to give direction, desires and dreams to you that He will help you fulfill.  He will assist you in fulfilling all that He reveals to you.  Jesus wants a friendship with you without limits!  Jesus wants a friendship that grows with every minute, every day, and every hour.

The thoughts, concerns, desires and actions of today will flavor how you think about your friendship with Jesus.  Keep letting Him reveal His fullness, His faithfulness and His friendship to your heart.  In every way possible walk hand-n-hand and heart-to-heart with the One who calls you FRIEND.





I Expect…

Dancing because of God's goodness
Photo by Patricia Palma on Unsplash

To sit in anticipation of the GOOD He has for me to taste.

To stand in anticipation of the GRACE He has for me to absorb.

To walk in anticipation of the GLORY He has for me to feel.

To dance in anticipation of the JOY He has for me to


To sing in anticipation of the WONDER He has for me to touch.

To be silent in anticipation of the PEACE He has for me to know.

To write in anticipation of the TRUTH He has for me to express.

To shout in anticipation of the BLESSINGS He has for me to


To think in anticipation of the MIND He has for me to develop.

To smile in anticipation of the GREAT THINGS He has for me to receive.

Father, I am Amazed

God's love is amazing!
Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash


I am amazed that I know the Truth, You are alive and live inside my life.  I am amazed to know the One whose love is

perfect, powerful and pure.

I am amazed to know the One so faithful, fun, and forgiving.

I am so amazed to know the One that speaks to me

His desires, His dreams and His directions.

I am so amazed to know the One who will usher me into all eternity

so I can worship, praise and be with the One who gives LIFE.

I am so amazed to know the One who sought me, bought me and got

me sealed and filled with His Holy Spirit.

I am so amazed to know You love me, care about me and think about me, though I am only one out of billions who have called on the One so AMAZING!!!

The Lady of Grace

Edith Grant 1

The Lady of Grace is a poem I wrote in honor of and inspired by


It is my desire that people know Edith Grant is the Lady of Grace.  I’m sure there are many women that this poem could describe but Edith Grant was my inspiration for writing this poem about her life full of Faith, Truth and Grace.

I was honored and blessed to have Edith as my friend and be a first hand recipient of her grace and love.  This poem was written for and read on her 96th birthday celebration.

The Lady of Grace

Oh the blessings one receives when parents exalt…    the Baby

                                                                                                     the Book, and

                                                                                              the Beautiful One.

There is no greater advantage a child can have than parents

                                                                                                         who Honor Him,

                                                                                                          Serve Him, and

                                                                                                           Love Him.

Oh the Grace a child receives when they are introduced and welcome their parents

                          Closest and best Friend,

                                        Faithful and Loving Companion, and

                                                   Holy and Eternal Savior.

It is from such a magnificent beginning one becomes…    a Lady of Faith,

                                                                                                                       a Lady of Truth, and

                                                                                                                       a Lady of Grace.

A Lady of Faith begins when one is a young girl.  A girl who…    Honors her parents

                                                                                                                Honors the Holy Spirit, and

                                                                                         Honors His Word.

A Lady of Truth uses her faith and wisdom to befriend…    the One so trusted,

                                                                                                                         the One so loved , and

                                                                                                                         the One so cherished.

A Lady of Grace listens with her heart and learns about her best friend.

                                                                                          How Great

                                                                                                      How Good and

                                                                                                                 How Gracious He is.

The Lady of Grace learns her best Friend wants to be introduced to…

                                                                   every boy and girl

                                                                                every mom and dad, and

                                                                                             every family and Nation on earth.

The Lady of Grace learns how to commit…

                               her time,

                                        her talent, and

                                                 her treasures so all can hear about her Friend, Jesus.

The Lady of Grace never lets trials,

                                             tests or

                                troubles diminish her passion for her Friend.

The Lady of Grace is a steady flow of compassion, charity and cheer that brings…


                                                 Hope, and

                                                                              Love to all.

The Lady of Grace chooses to live her life…          absorbed,

                                                                               affected and

                                                             abiding in the favor of God.

The Lady of Faith, Truth and Grace knows she will spend eternity together with her parents, her family and her best Friend because of…    His  Glory

                                                                                                                         His Goodness and

                                                                                                                         His Grace.

The Lady of Grace has accomplished more than she will ever know through…

her Prayers                            her Passion and                       her Presence.

The Lady of Grace has one strong desire, that is

                 to see His smile face-to-face,

                              to look into His loving eyes

                                                  and hear Him say “I am very pleased

                                                                with my Lady of Grace!”

by Mike Sullivan

Note: I have tried several times to correct the lay out of this poem and when I succeed and post the corrections it reverts back to needing to be corrected.










Growing Makes God Smile


I Phone Pics. 021

Today the sun is shining and the rain has stopped and it’s going to dry out a bit.

One can almost watch the plants and trees grow.  God must enjoy watching things grow; baby’s, children, adults, plants, trees, animals, His children, His Kingdom, His ways, His righteousness and His truth.  God must enjoy seeing things become all that they were designed to become.  That being true, I want to become all that He wants me to be.  I want to keep growing in His grace, His goodness and His glory.

Growing in relation to God is being willing to do things and go places I have never gone or been.  Think thoughts I have never thought before.  Trust the truth of scripture and the Spirit who lives within me.

Growing in God is abiding on the Savior Branch of sacrifice, surrender, and saturation.  Growing seems to come naturally when one is attached to the Source of life and the Source of life is in them.  This being true in my life, thank you God for helping me to grow and become all that You need me to become and all that I want to become.

Two smiley faces

It’s my desire to keep growing in Gods grace and imagine Him smiling with each degree of progress I make.

Happy Family Gatherings

Eating around the table

Remember as a kid, family gatherings around the holidays were so simple, satisfying and special. 

They were simple because all you had to do was show up and eat.

They were satisfying because the food was cooked to perfection.

They were special because you were with family and friends.

Now that you’re older you may have to prepare a dish or clean up your house or set the table.

Aunt Gertrude

No family gathering can be described as ‘perfect’ because Aunt Gertrude seems to always be upset about something or someone.

A minor observation that would have gone undetected when you were younger.

Regardless, family gatherings are special because there’s lots of hugging going on, storytelling, and connecting with people you love and cherish.  There’s the sharing of memories and the making of new memories.

This holiday season make a special effort to bless and be a blessing at your family gathering and see if your family gatherings aren’t…

simply the most special and satisfying time you’ve had all year.

The Clearance Bin

books in bin

Most people like a great deal and if they’re like me it’s a joy to get something for half price or less.  I buy a lot of books, most of them at Half-Price Book Stores.  Last Friday I happen to stop in at Good Will and found a terrific book that originally sold for $16.99 on sale.

This book would have been a bargain at half price!

I bought it for .15 cents.

I got a great deal.

The book was in the ‘clearance bin’.

I talked with the young worker who was sorting the books and filling the clearance bin and he explained the process they have for all the books they get in.  When the books are on the shelf for a month or so and they don’t sell they get tossed in the ‘clearance bin’.  The ‘clearance bin’ books that don’t sell eventually get thrown in the trash.  I couldn’t help but wonder how many terrific books are tossed in the dumpster.

But alas, I came along and saved this book from utter and certain destruction!

I gave this book value.

I pulled it from the ‘clearance bin’ and said, “you will be mine for all eternity”.

I have a place for you on my bookshelf with all my other books that I treasure.

I will never let you see another ‘clearance bin’.  books on shelf

I have rescued many books but I’m not just talking about books.  I’m remembering the day I was pulled out of the ‘clearance bin’ of life.

I was headed for utter and certain destruction but Jesus reached down and with one touch made me one of His ‘treasures’.

Jesus gave my life value.

Jesus gave me His Spirit.

Jesus set me on higher ground.

The greatest deal I ever received was not a book from the ‘clearance bin’ but a ‘beautiful’ Savior.  A Savior who paid a price that allowed me to know Him in all His love, His complete forgiveness and His perfect peace.

Jesus is a Savior who allows me to help others find the greatest ‘bargain’ anyone can receive.  The price has been paid, it’s up to each of us to freely receive all Jesus has and freely give to others all that we have received.

When you see people who appear to be in the ‘clearance bin’ of life remember:

stacked books

What Jesus has done for you He will do for others.



The “B – Right” Campaign

There are several politicians campaigning for public office.  So I thought it would be a good time to start my own campaign.


While I was typing the word “BRIGHT” I accidentally put a space between the ‘b’ and ‘right’ (b right).  It gave me the thought “to be bright one needs to be right”.  One could start a campaign and that one could be me.   What a b-right thought.

Sample campaign slogans…

  • B-Right let your thoughts be BRIGHT.
  • Be bright let your thoughts B-Right.
  • How can a person go wrong having B-Right thoughts?
  • B-Right thoughts make me feel B-Righter!

My only snag is I’m not sure what I’m campaigning for.  I could be campaigning for people to be positive thinkers.  A positive thinker would have a lot of B-Right thoughts.

Even as I revel in my “B-Right” campaign I realize the people who like to have  We-Rong thoughts are going to be offended and left out.  I can hear them now…                              “We-Rong thoughts have value too”.                                                                                          “No one can have B-Right thoughts all the time”.                                             “You’re discriminating against the We-Rong thinkers of the world!”

Here’s a B-Right thought, “Change the way you think!”

Allow the Greatest ‘thought changer’ in the world to come into your heart and                 B-Righten up the way you think.  The B-Rightest, Greatest and Most-rightest person who ever lived, died and lives again is Light, Right and Out of Sight and His name is Jesus.

Jesus thank you for B-Rightening up my life by removing my guilt, forgiving my sin and shining in my heart.  You are the B-Rightest encounter I’ve ever experienced.        All the B-Right thinkers of the world need to join this campaign so we can B-Righten up the world one person at a time.

The people who have We-Rong thoughts will discover by faith Jesus can B-Righten, lighten and tighten every thought they have when they let Him shine His light on their heart, mind and soul.


I have decided I’m campaigning for people to invite, surrender and B-Righten up their life by trusting Jesus with all their thoughts, dreams and desires.  All the We-Rong thinkers of the world ‘watch out’ because the B-Right thinkers are roaming around B-Rightening up their space.  You may ask how will one know if my campaign is working; you will see it on their face.

smiling women and men sitting on green grass
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